Velux Sun tunnel

Main Reasons for using Velux sun tunnel

using sunlight

Using the sun is not a new idea

From the research conducted by experts, they have found out that many houses have hallways, bathrooms and other rooms in the house where light enters when the door is opened. Normally these rooms are unwelcoming until one turns on the light. Do not fear as a Velux Sun Tunnel installer is at your doorstep, these skylights bring natural light into the house. It can even be adapted so the separate and darkest rooms can be improved, this is done through a specially designed tunnel that passes from the roof to the ceiling. The attractive ceiling fitment usually blends unnoticed into the ceiling spreading a restful and soft light throughout your room.

Sun Tunnel composition

These tunnels use a toughened glass, fixed skylight within the roof structure with the outer frame having the appearance of a traditional skylight. The outer pane of the tunnel will not discolour with age as it is made of glass. Therefore, the quality of light will not be affected with time. The optional light kits allow these to act as electric light fixtures in rainy or at night so that no separate light is needed. The light kits can be used with either standard light bulbs or compact fluorescent light bulbs of about 50 watts.

Velux Suitability

These tunnels can also be used when the distance between the ceiling and the roof is too small for a rigid tunnel. Flex tunnels are easy to install regardless of the type of roof your house is made of. For the profile, roofing select the lead-free lower flashing and black polyurethane frame. These tunnels can also be installed in tiled or slated roofs. The sun tunnels for pitched roofs may be installed in roofs that have 15 degree – 60 degree pitches, and for the case of flat roofs, you will need a flex tunnel.
If you wish to block the light from the Velux sun tunnel, you can use the blackout shades. This is very important as the not very moment you will need light from this tunnels.